Introvert or Extrovert

Ever Been Told You Talk Too Much ?

Excessive speech is a turn off for most people, right?

Believe it or not, I have a phobia – a phobia of talking too much. Can you believe it? A Toastmaster? Well, it is controllable – thanks to “Mind over Matter“.

When I was just a young introvert (now I am an older introvert) my father must have implanted this phobia, this fear, into me. I don’t recall ever talking that much (age weakens memory perhaps) but whenever I had a burst of thought that just had to see daylight, my father would cut in and say, “You talk too much !”

Of course, he would say that not when it was just him and I, but when I was “on-stage” around others. It’s an event that further makes one want to revert further into being an introvert. My father isn’t with me anymore, but if he was, I would ask him about his comment, which he used alot.

So today, as I deliver more speeches to perfect and hone my speaking and presentation skills, I still hear and sometimes visualize him telling me, “You talk too much”. It’s another one of those impediments we carry forward with ourselves, as if we as speakers need any more.


Why Are We Told Sometimes That We Talk Too Much?

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