What You Don’t Hear – Feedback You Wish People Would Share With You

What are the Top 10 Human Resource Trends of the Decade ? Coincidentally, we are within the last few days of not only 2010, BUT THE DECADE! So why not reflect on some mentoring topics. Here is my long-standing favorite.

Just becauseYou haven’t received any feedback on the work you are doing, doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing a great job. It simply means,  “You haven’t received any feedback on the work you are doing !”

When we enter the workforce, we enter a mentorship where we continue to build confidence by tackling new tasks and responsibilities. When I entered the workforce, some time ago, I was unsettled at times, saying, “I haven’t heard or received any feedback on what I have been working on at work”, and how I was doing. “If you haven’t heard anything from your peers, then you must be doing OK“, I was told. At that time, it was a pacifying thought to end the day and put it under your pillow. One could conclude that they are doing OK, even very good!

Fast-forward several decades thru various meltdowns in society. The same cannot put one to sleep but may even keep them awake. One enters the workforce wanting to explore the globe and even save it at times. Sometimes, one is aggressive enough to go somewhat overboard and perhaps even overstep their bounds. You really count on feedback from your peers who you feel confident in not letting you do wrong. You firmly believe they would tell you, right or wrong, on how you did.

Then one day we arrive at a point where we feel like we can trust a few, feel like much has gone superficial, and that everyone is just looking after themselves. Now all of a sudden, the peers no longer feel like they should have to tell you anything, don’t have to mentor or coach you, and that you should already know what and how to do it. Gratification comes solely from within and not from anyone external.

The people on top are driven by money and the people at the bottom are driven by their fear of losing their jobs. This phenomenon may have stifled the feedback and mentoring process somewhat.

The workplace has slowly morphed itself into something different. It’s not a place some can feel totally at ease and confident with. With respect to their own responsibilities of job scope, one could feel they have little control if any. Excel at what you do and don’t assume that silence means total acceptance and approval of how you are performing. Always seek feedback from others.


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