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These are my fav software tools and utilities that I use every day on my computer to be fully productive

You may not know me, so you won’t know that I am a lifelong techie. I love software tools and utilities that are simple, easy, and make me efficient and productive. As thorough as I am, I try to stop short of becoming a full-fledged “tech geek”, not that there is anything wrong with being a tech geek. I have been a lifelong Microsoft Windows user, currently on Win10 Pro. And one of my hobbies is evaluating software tools and utilities that make me productive and efficient on my computer and my websites.

When I identify a shortcoming in my process, I research, find, and evaluate tools/utilities with the sole purpose of making me more productive, efficient and the quality of my work on my websites top-notch.

I list my top utilities and tools below, with short writeups and a high recommendation for you to try them. If you click on the logo, you will go directly to their website for more details and installation.

Custom link to get more detailed info about ToDoist utility tool

As the name implies, this is a simple “To Do” task manager that is simple, easy but powerful to use. Been using it for 2+ years now. Love it because you can access it with an Outlook Plugin (use and manage while in Outlook email), browser, or your iPhone (iOS or Android app). Setup to automatically email your action to-do list daily. When new task surfaces, enter into ToDoist, rather than making notes about it. ToDoist is great because it is flavored towards emails, where most of our tasks originate. When you get an email, you can instantly turn it into a ToDoist item in your list, attaching the reference email that justifies that task. So you have instant history captured.


  • e-mail centric – create to-do tasks right from your email
  • Windows – Mac – Linux OS ready
  • Mobile – iOS, Android, Tablet ready
  • browser plugin supported – Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari
  • delegate tasks to others in your team
  • personalize your task views
  • outlook plugin – for integrating your emails straight into ToDoist as a task
  • task progress status – % completion
  • sync across all your devices – desktop, smartphone, tablet
  • blog – articles to keep you informed on how others use ToDoist
  • reasonable cost – discount for charities
  • FREE version – try by doing

Simple, Easy, Fast, Efficient – what I best love about ToDoist

Overall, I love ToDoist because it is simple, efficient, and always with you on your smartphone. Try the FREE version for starters. Check ToDoist further by going to their page by clicking here.