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Best Speeches Ever Written

Speeches Never Heard Never Written

The recent death of our family pet cat “Peaches” created a trilogy based on the theme of dying, dying alone, letting go, losing a loved one or a family pet. Speeches never heard is sad because no one benefits; neither you nor your audience who your speech may help. That is what prompted me, with less than 24 hours, to do a spontaneous speech, on what it felt like losing Peaches.

A speech you share is how you brand yourself.

I delayed taking her to the vet as my wife was out of town. We were waiting till she got back. As a family we would spend her last day together; then have her put down. The morning of phoning vets frantically trying to find a last minute opening finally secured a time – but still hours away.

This was the making for the best speeches !

Finally our 2:50 pm appointment time arrived.

We both arrived. By 3:00 Peaches was gone. I came home, somewhat relieved but already missing her. I realized this was the third of a triad for me along the theme of mortality, dying, letting go and losing a person or pet who has been very close to you.

1) My father passed away in 1999, at 8:50 am Sunday morning at the care home where he was resident. He died alone and not in his own house.

2) In 2007, our first cat of nearly 17 years also had to be put down. He died at a vets office, not in his own house.

3) Now Peaches, our second cat – also not dying in the house she lived in.

I realized and asked myself, Can I write and talk about these events in public without breaking down emotionally ? “

” Can the Best Speeches Ever be Written – Ever be Heard? “

Do You Have a Speech The Public Should Hear?

How many good speeches reside with people that for one reason or another, may never be told – ever be heard ?

Are you one of those, holding out, on a speech you should tell ?

You can also watch this video on my YouTube Channel – The Best Speeches Never Written – Ever Heard

In this speech, I reflect on the value of bringing yourself to talk and share your experience. Not only may it be good theraputically for you, but it may also reach out to others who have gone through or may still be going through, a painful experience. Even if you connect to 1 person in the audience, then it is worth presenting.

My initial purpose in delivering this speech was to see if I can describe my emotions through this triad of events.

But my main purpose is to help encourage others to draw on their courage and share their experience – to write “ The Best Speech

Perhaps you will write and present ” The Best Speech – That was Ever Written – Ever Heard ”

TDKtalks Best Speeches connecting
Best Speeches Ever Heard

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