Softskills Smart Talk – The Public Speakers Guide to Success

Smart Talk The Public Speaker's Guide to Success in Every Situation

Softskills Are Key

Softskills are what keeps us, humans, marketable, employed, and alive.

Several days ago I received an invite to review Lisa B Marshall’s latest book – Smart Talk – The Public Speaker’s Guide to Success in Every Situation

I read some of the excerpts from the books website –

So I wrote a review on Amazon – Read my and Other Reviews on Amazon

Public speakers of every age can benefit by practising the exercises Lisa gives on her website.

Here is a good article on The Importance of Communication Skills [Top 10 Studies]

Lisa’s book is based on her real feedback of teaching better communication skills over nearly 10 years with clients from individuals to fortune 500 executives. It is invaluable as Lisa emphasizes the problem areas she identified lacking, in either communication, public speaking, or leadership.

To become an effective leader, along with leadership skills you also need communication skills and leadership abilities. Also, Lisa speaks of extras from her website, which is a self-paced workshop of exercises, such as introducing yourself, both orally, in e-mails, and in social media.

I quickly download the excerpt and, very much interested in what I read, followed up with a last-minute request to interview Lisa about her 2nd book. I was ecstatic when Lisa said,

“OK, but I am only available at 7 am EST (which is 5 am MST where I reside – … YIKES ….. )

I originally met and interviewed Lisa about her main website location – “Lisa B Marshall – Passionate About Communication”, back in Passionate About Communication – An Interview with Lisa B Marshall

Since then, I have constantly followed her great tips, both from her website and her syndicated location on iTunes.

Her first book is Ace Your Interview which you can also buy directly from her website or any online bookstore.

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