Signs – Confirmation That Reassure You On Your Purpose


Signs – Learn to Interpret and Apply Your Signs – Your Guiding Light

A year after my second volunteer charity mission as videographer to Vietnam, I had the opportunity to attend a Lance Miller speech and presentation workshop. But the best part was that I was chosen to present my speech in front of a live audience of 100+ and then have Lance Miller, Toastmaster’s World Champion of Public Speaking WCPS 2005, evaluate me on stage. It was a live lab where I could get feedback, and try out some new techniques. I couldn’t resist in presenting my inaugural “Signs” where I reflect on several of the signs that helped me confirm I was doing the right thing by going to Vietnam.

I spoke of how my father-in-law’s face was reflected in the 16 year old boy we did a home visit to. I mentioned how the timing of our wheelchair donation coincided with the 2 month passing of that same father-in-law. And if you are a positive person, like me, you will take these occurrences as positive signs that what you are doing is the right thing. Signs like these appear around us and are a way to reassure us that we have taken the correct path, made the right decision or chose the correct fork in the road.

You make decisions every day and like most of us, perhaps all, you wondered if you are making the right decision; if you are going the right way or perhaps the wrong way. Some call it intuition, some describe it as “go by your gut feel”, do what makes you feel good. Some even resort to reading their horoscope. But in my speech, I give several examples of what my signs were during both of my 3 week missions to Vietnam. I conclude by encouraging everyone to start learning how to recognize, interpret and most importantly apply what you believe your signs are telling you to do. It would be nice and easy for us if we always had a mentor we trusted to tell us exactly what to do. But like me, you probably don’t and have to rely on your signs appearing around you to help you decide.

Learn to recognize the signs appearing around you. These signs usually happen for a reason. Your signs are there to help you decide or put you at ease, even take the pressure off you. Your signs can relax you if you are hard on yourself about something and enduring alot of undue pressure. Don’t fight your signs. Learn to listen to them. These signs are your life signs.


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