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SEO Yoast features is best for Google Search Friendly Articles
An Introduction to SEO Yoast Plugin for WordPress Websites

Search Engines Want To Be Happy

SEO Yoast friendly articles, are key in making Google Search happy. Recently I decided to do a sanity check by reviewing my yoast scores. Yoast goals are set to ensure your articles are SEO friendly and keep Google search, for one, very happy. I wanted to ensure my personal branding is also met. To my surprise, I had some work ahead of me. I accepted graciously.

The paragraph above contains the minimum of 1 external and 1 internal link. Always good to put these links, both internal and external within the first paragraph. You want to satisfy the search engine early, so it doesn’t have to keep crawling further into your article to validify it. Search Engines have a lot of websites to search. So you need to do your part and give search engines a warm fuzzy feeling about your website.

After reviewing my most recent 20 articles I started to see a pattern of where I was failing. So I thought, why not write a template post (this one)  where my fundamental yoast scores are all green. You are now reading my template post with all Yoast metrics green and SEO Google is happy. Have to keep google search happy as Google makes a lot of money off their search engine. After all, it is google’s raison d’etre and what they were initially known for.

Yoast SEO Goals to Strive For

What The SEO tab tells you;

  1. Your article text length should be a minimum of 300 words. Just prior to this sentence, my initial was just 90. Make sure your article has some meat to it.

    SEO Yoast features is best for Google Search Friendly Articles
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  2. Keyphrase words (max of 4) should be contained in the first opening paragraph and ideally in the same sentence
  3. Keyphrase words (max of 4) should be contained in your meta description
  4. Ensure there is a minimum of l internal links (links to your articles related to this article)
  5. Confirm there is a minimum of external links (links to other websites)
  6. Check that you have atleast 1 image (picture) in your article
  7. Make certain that all images (picture) used have alternative text (or alt-text) attribute populated with your keyphrase words to affirm to search engines (Google) that your pictures support your article and delivers value to your readers

What The READABILITY tab tells you;

  1. Consecutive sentences start with the same word – not good
  2. Break up your article paragraphs by using sub headings
  3. Passive or Active voice – Active is preferred
  4. Ease of reading – Flesh score – must be easy to read
  5. Variety in your sentences
  6. Use subheadings within your headings
  7. Paragraphs should not be long
  8. Sentences should not be long
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Bonus Things I Learned with Yoast

Bonus details I learned about Yoast SEO analysis are;

  1. 3 or more violations yields a RED tab (keep working)
  2. 2 or less violations yields a GREEN tab (enough to take a break for now)

Also learned, every time you do a save of your article, the yoast plugin tab “SEO Analysis” closes and displays either a red, yellow or green (ideal) smiley in real time. Click on the “+” sign to expand the tab again and read which aspects of your post still needs work.

Very cool is that Yoast SEO plugin automatically checks your article and updates the “SEO Analysis” tab. So there is no need for you to do a save again of your article. Yoast plugin works in real time to save you a step and your time.

I also discovered that Yoast has many well written articles on their website you can enjoy for free. This is a huge bonus, because you can become a SEO expert, at their website alone. The Yoast SEO plugin for wordpress works very well. Be sure you install and use it. You won’t regret it.

Now You Know How to Make Google Search Happy

All in all, Yoast wants to ensure that Google and all the other search engines of the internet, are kept happy ensuring that your article is a cohesive accurate narrative that fully meets what your title says it is about. Search engines, like google, want to ensure they deliver link searches of high quality to users of the internet (you) that fully meets the users (you) search criteria – the search results you want Google to deliver to you. Happy Blogging !

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