E-Mail Subscriptions Overrated and Time Consuming

Need for Aggregators

What is an aggregator? Well, after so many years of subscribing to great e-mail subscription offers, I finally starting UN-subscribing, deleting, and collating them, atleast the ones I want to continue, in an news or blog reader aggregator, for lack of a better word. Specifically I am talking about the insurmountable blog e-mail subscriptions we all subscribe to allowing us to get updates in e-mails, as their authors write and publish. The light finally came on for me, when I realized how much time I spend, simply scrolling and deleting these.

Now, instead of these subscriptions driving me, I DRIVE THEM. So, once or twice a week, when I feel like doing some blog reading, I login into my google account and simply go to the ones I follow …… and read.

There may be better ones, but google reader does what I want, appears simple enough to use, is FREE, and allows me to follow my blogs from any PC location, work or home, or my iPod touch. The subscriptions are managed and stored at the google data centre ( of course, like anything google ).

The light comes on once again!

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