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Leaders And Followers

“ To be a good leader, one also has to be an exceptional follower ”

What?     Why?     How?

leadership perspectiveMany of us within Toastmasters are capable of being top-notch leaders, but not everyone can sit in such delegated spotlight during a specific period. Take our 7 club executives found in every Toastmaster Club – there is only 1 President for any 1 term. So the other 6 have to know how to support the President – “The Leader” and give comments & critiques that support the President’s intention, without giving him/her a hard time, being a “Thorn in their Side” or causing them (and everyone else) grief by being an obstacle, a barrier, an impediment to progress & moving forward.

Not everyone can be the leader at a given time and function. You may only need 1 to run efficiently. But there is nothing wrong with grooming yourself as a “leader in waiting”. It’s a simple matter of preparation. Remember the adage of success – “Where Preparation Meets Opportunity“.

A huge component of Leadership is Communication – Here is a great article on The Importance of Communication Skills [Top 10 Studies]

Is Leadership an Instinct? A Natural Ability? An Ideology?

“ To be a good leader, one also has to be an exceptional follower ”


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