Life Coach and Neuro-linguistic Programming Interview with Nicky Kriel

Life Coaching

Have you heard of a Life Coach? Well today I interview Ms. Nicky Kriel of She is a life coach based in the UK and provides personal coaching using NLP. She also writes interesting content in her blog.

She has formally been offering her services on her website for 2 years but has been growing business steadily. With an academic background in university psychology and linguistics study, she has gained further experience by working in marketing and sales. Growing up in South Africa then relocating to the UK 20 years ago, she is quite familiar with how change can affect people. Tying this background together, she has also completed the NLP Practitioner Course, which further confirmed she was on the right path.

An avid Toastmaster as well,  she is the current President of Guildford Speakers in Surrey UK,  having her AC-B and AL-B. She says attaining that level has helped her immensely in consulting and connecting to her many clients.

In conversation, Nicky said she has had many requests to teach people on aspects of implementing social media such as twitter, facebook and linkedin. There is a correct way to use these social networks so they work for you. Her blog posts also show her talent for writing home-grown original material centered around aspects of being human. I certainly got caught up reading several the morning prior to our interview, some of which I could relate to.

I realized that making that connection with people is how a relationship is formed, in our virtual social networking age. When people can relate to your material, wether written or spoken, a bond, trust and appreciation is made. A relationship is made. Dialogue continues. And for certain a reciprocative exchange of mutual benefit occurs when both sides gain in information they can use.

“Of Worthy Mention” this episode discusses the article – “Crisis Leadership: A Leader’s Highest Duty” on page 24 of the December issue of TOASTMASTER magazine. Thanks to Craig Harrison, DTM for this article.


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