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Does an introvert have the ability to influence?

Here is a great interview by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – CBC, on their program The Current all about an introvert, extroverts and public speaking. How does each fare in leadership roles? Toastmasters are well mentioned and specifically, Liberty Village Toastmasters of Toronto, CANADA are featured with several member testimonials. I can’t guess how many times I replayed this as there are so many valuable attributes discussed.

The Current – The Power of Introverts – Feb 17, 2012

Being interviewed is Susan Cain (a toastmaster) about her book – Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

Several significant points are raised during this interview;

  • 1 out of 2 (or 3) is an introvert (good odds I would say)
  • most everyone gravitates naturally to extroverts
  • many people who achieved great things are introverts
  • extroverts have been believed to make better leaders – this is NOT true
  • we mortals quickly mimic opinions of the group – unconsciously – without realizing it
  • the value of solitude in forming our ideas and beliefs – solitude matters

Many of us grew up around typical extroverts. They were the ones who were popular in school with most everyone and were stars on the sports teams. We also know atleast several introverts, in fact, you may have begun as an introvert and some may still remain there today. Introverts were and still may be, looked down and frowned upon. They are depicted as least desirable. However many succeed to achieve great things by developing their gifted skills and passions, speaking and leadership skills being one of them.

Warren Buffet, Dale Carnegie and Malcom Gladwell, famous people in their own right are introverts.

The interviewer was CBC’s Jim Brown on “The Current” originally aired Feb 17, 2012.

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