How Real is Hypothetical

How realistic or true is real?

How real and actual, is hypothetical?

Is it REAL . . . or is it MEMOREX . . .

I once delivered a speech I wish wasn’t real and I could take back.

We all have stories to tell about “real life” situations we experienced. When we recite such experiences in our stories or speeches, how close can we replicate the actual events with bogus names, to protect the particpants, before we are attacked by the actual particpants, saying, “Hey, that was me ! And I don’t want that situation publicized !”

We have always heard, and continue to be told, that the best topic(s) for our speeches are real life scenarios that happened to us – real life experiences. I have even talked about several of my own on my TDKtalksTM podcast. So do you change the names and recite the story somewhat, differently? (my story took part on a Tuesday and when I recite it, I used Friday).  The participants are protected but since you are telling the story, your identity is obvious. YOU are willing and accept, any potential criticism.

It is YOUR story. You are deciding on behalf of yourself. BUT, everyone has a different level of privacy they are willing to part with. But believe me, 1 past scenario involving a very private person, would lunge at me in anger, so much if I mentioned just the scenario alone, without even mentioning his/her name.

Do you mention just enough to bring in “plausible deniability”, allowing yourself protection by simply saying, “It could be thousands of people out there by the same name!”.

No one will know until they actually raise everyones’ attention and making a stink about it, right? Some people feel absolutely naked and exposed, once their name is mentioned in the story, without saying too much more. But did they think that the story is forgotton by all, including myself, just because we don’t talk about it. Of ocurse not!

Remember, when doing so, give yourself an “out” – ” PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY


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