Fate, Nature & Real Life

Dealing With Reality

Have you ever wished for something, aloud or mentally?

With the onslaught of summer, I began with my 2 most revered;

1) I wish I could lose more weight, so I can be lighter for cycling

2) I wish I can do more cycling

Well, without knowing it, Fate was working behind the scenes, because somewhat unexpected, I lost my job !

It’s like that saying, “Be careful what you wish for – It just may come true”. (Of course, it never NEVER works that way when you are wishing for the BIG lottery win ! (lol)).

I have always had a fondness for mathematics and relationships. For a somewhat longer time, nature has been following strict orders of relationships since the dawn of time. Without digressing too much, I will only say it’s the universal law. Nature keeps balance and harmony. It does so without any sense of urgency or time either. It does NOT have to. Nature knows it will eventually happen, to keep balance. Water evaporates in one corner of the country, only to fall as rain in another. So too it exists in our daily lives I guess. That is where NATURE is transposed to what we call FATE, and I don’t mean any connotation to religious factions or practise (so even atheists can appreciate my entry).

Nature has its ways of ensuring balance. When one door closes, another one opens, is probably the most time-honored adage I can think of, and that many of you may have heard. Nature and the common order in the universe ensures there is balance and harmony. So when you GET something, there is something to OFFER – a PRICE, if you will. Monetary is but one very minor example. You want a gizmo, but you know its expensive. But you buy it anyways, knowing it was a HUGE price to pay. So too are real-life scenarios, like the one I opened up with above.

Faith, nature and the common order also ensures we don’t receive a tangible asset without something being given up. There is ALWAYS a price. Something ALWAYS has to be given up in exchange. Sometimes it is in our choosing and choice. But many times, it is not. I guess it’s Faith and nature ensuring we are kept humble and gratified with what we have. Faith also wants to ensure we always remember Who is Boss.

Fate, Nature & Real Life


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