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Communication skills are truly art. Not to take away from the infamous line, “I Have A Dream”, by Dr. Martin Luther King, I really did have a dream of my communication skills. Well, come to think of it ( I can still vividly remember it almost 2 days later), I was just getting ready to do 1 quick mental rehearsal prior to delivery, and then I woke up ! So I don’t know how it end. I think that is left to me in the conscious realm.

Two days ago made it 09-09-09. The only event of signifigance for me, was this dream. I was at our up and coming Fall Conference slated for Novemer, 2009. I commit myself to compete and came there, Friday evening, with nothing more than several various ideas all swimming in my head. “Boy, am I asking for it !” I thought, as I was doing the usual “high school writing final exams” nightmare we still seem to get, decades after the fact.

But I clearly recall that my urge, to just compete, inspired me to put together a plan and delivery, which was never tried and done before. I thought, “Why Not ??”. All they can do is disqualify me ! Atleast I will get a speech credit towards my AC-G.

How do you get inspired for your next speech? Is it a dream? Something happens at work? Something you read about? Or do you simply make something up and then talk about it?

So I have to stop here from telling you more, because I will actually try it. I don’t want to spill the beans, nor embarass myself, if it truly becomes a total washout. We have always heard people saying they did something because they had a dream about doing it. Paul McCartney’s composition, “Let it Be” was inspired by a dream Mr. McCartney had about his mother telling him thoughts and words of wisdom. Look what he turned that song into !

Interesting how dreams leave us to wake in a most positive, happy, optimistic, go get-em, serene feeling. Too bad we can’t feel like that most of the time. Or can we? There should be a way of harnessing that “state of being” so we can use it to propel us forward with our daily challenges, whatever that may be. Or is that perhaps why and how “successful” people operate? Perhaps it is. (Possibly another idea for a speech and further research ……………. )

I just hope I can have a further 9 dreams equally spaced to about 1 per month so I can get inspired and have some idea about the other 9. Here’s hoping to me seeing it through, so I can hopefully tell you how it actually went. Sometimes, I just want to go thru with something, if only to truly experience how well or bad, it actually works out in the end. Isn’t that how we started our very first speech in Toastmasters ? You, know, “The Ice Breaker?”

Communication Skills

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