Change – Good or Bad ?

Change is Constant

Much has been spoken of change, and how good change is. It take good leadership, to manage change. Developing good leadership is a worthy skill.

It is said and believed that we are more resistent to change solely due to the aging process. In cases it is true. But other times I think it’s not that we are old or getting older. Our experience and wisdom has allowed us to better understand what we like … what works for us. So when we find our mecca, tranquility or utopia which we are comfortable with, we want to hang onto it (and not change). Hey, it took us a long time to search, find and arrive at that point, correct?

As that saying goes, “I don’t know what I want or where I want to be, BUT when I find it or get there, I’ll know”.

As a person gets older, it appears so too does their propensity to NOT want change, atleast in several areas that are dear and matter. I like to think of change as ” … adding or building upon something we already have and like,  just the way it is. All we are doing is extending to what we like “as-is”.

For example, it’s like a house we like just the way it is – all we are doing is adding to it by adding an extension. So we say to ourselves, ” … we are not really changing the house – we are just adding a bit more to it for space”.

Change is good but too much too fast is not good – no time to adjust or adapt properly or effeciently … unless of course, we teach ourselves and learn, how to adapt to change quickly, if our trek is always in the fast lane.

( Our weather this year in western Canada has been more dynamic than in past years. It has taught me how to be more dynamic in my plans and what I do. Plan A may be in short distance from Plan B and even C ).

But for some change is growth.

Equate Change as Growth.

Overall, change keeps us growing, exploring, investigating. Some changes may not reap benefits, but that 1 lucrative result, makes the other failures worth while.


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