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Speaking to the Hanoi Toastmasters Club in downtown Hanoi Vietnam August 2015

Life of a Speech – Club Contest or Everyday Life

Speech Competitions Help Hone Your Speaking Skills

Speech Contests – Timing is Everything

Speech ending to a speech can sometimes difficult to identify

Speech Transition And Ending Your Speech


Powerpoint or Not – And Why Not

3R Evaluation Technique

Evaluations of Speeches Using The 3R Method


Evaluation Contests and Winning

good and bad culture in the workplace

Speech Recalling or Retracting

communication and passion - Lisa B Marshall

Communication And Passion – Lisa B Marshall


Keywords for Online Resume Profiles


What You Don’t Hear – Feedback You Wish People Would Share With You

Speech Competitions Help Hone Your Speaking Skills

Being The Judge at Speech Contests


The Anatomy of a Speech


Speech Competitions and Convention Interviews 2009

Introducing & Bridging People To Each Other is Key in Efficient Networking

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Winning a Speech Contest

Communication Skills and Tips to Practise

Speech Competitions Help Hone Your Speaking Skills

Winning Speech Proves Communications and Leadership Skills