Life Skills

Problem solving is a skill all employers are looking for in an employee

Problem Solving 101 – I Retrieve my Earbud From a Street Drain During my Daily Walk

mediation opportunities surround us every day

Mediation – The Art and Dance of Resolving Conflicts Between 2 Sides


INTRApreneurship – The Rise of Self Destiny

Some of the many local Vietnamese I was able to meet while on my volunteer mission in Vietnam

Vietnam – My Lessons Learned in Leadership


Volunteering – Your Calling into Leadership

being genuine means being and acting like the real you

Are You Genuine Authentic or Even Yourself ?

leaders are made and stand out from the crowd

Leaders Not Born, But Made, Then Must Be Elected

Reflecting on Videography Lessons Learned in Vietnam

Lessons Learned – Vietnam Learning on The Street


Signs – Confirmation That Reassure You On Your Purpose


Connecting The Dots – Leveraging and Carrying Forward Your Accumulated Assets


Process Broken – Not Getting Feedback You Need to Reach Your Desired Goal

Softskills Refresher While at CES2017 in Las Vegas

Softskills Networking Connecting Refresher at CES 2017

Crossing a stream on a monkey bridge in the Mekong Delta South Vietnam

Untold Story – Return to Tra Vinh Documentary

toastmasters international president Mohammed Murad

Leadership – Is It for You


Change – Good or Bad ?


Dynamics Offers Much Opportunity