Leadership Development


Volunteerism Vietnam – On a Children’s Charity as Videographer – Part 2

mediation opportunities surround us every day

Mediation – The Art and Dance of Resolving Conflicts Between 2 Sides

terry as volunteer videographer on a children's charity mission in vietnam march 2014

Volunteerism Vietnam – On a Children’s Charity as Videographer – Part 1

Some of the many local Vietnamese I was able to meet while on my volunteer mission in Vietnam

Vietnam – My Lessons Learned in Leadership


Volunteering – Your Calling into Leadership

leaders are made and stand out from the crowd

Leaders Not Born, But Made, Then Must Be Elected

Reflecting on Videography Lessons Learned in Vietnam

Lessons Learned – Vietnam Learning on The Street


The Infamous NO – The Art and Dance of Asking For Something


Taking Ownership Is Key to Making Things Happen


ASP Accredited Speaker Program – Toastmasters Public Speakers

Crossing a stream on a monkey bridge in the Mekong Delta South Vietnam

Untold Story – Return to Tra Vinh Documentary


Volunteerism – Your Calling Into Leadership

toastmasters international president Mohammed Murad

Leadership – Is It for You


Volunteerism And Videography in Vietnam To Capture a Charity Story

Andrew Brash and Lincoln Hall

Andrew Brash and Mount Everest Exposed

AfriKid Bike by Kona Mountain Bike Company

INNERpreneur Spotlight – Africa Bike Project