Are YOU Genuine? Authentic? Yourself ?


Try describing what being Authentic means. How about Genuine? Not easy, is it. I struggled for months.

Then recently I experienced my 3rd real life experience which rounds out my triage of experiences with this months episode of TDKtalks.

I give you 3 examples I witnessed and experienced. Sometimes you can’t describe something. You have to experience or feel it. The following are true stories that I experienced and helped me immensely to define Authentic, Genuine, Identifiable, Honest, True, Certifiable. It takes confidence development also.

#1 – The Realtor – About 2 years ago, my wife & I were checking out some investment property. We wanted to connect with the realtor in our area who sends us admail regularly. It has his picture on it, so we knew who we would be dealing with – or did we? We called him and setup an appointment for 4 pm of a summer day.

He arrives but as he is walking towards us from his car, my first impression was, “Oh, he must have got tied up with another appointment and has sent his son. Wait a minute . . . It is him ! ” Behold, the picture he uses on his brochures is from a much earlier time. Now, I know image is everything, especially for realtors and we are ALL getting older. But I really do want to know who I am going to deal with . . . and what they look like . . . TODAY.

#2 – The Professional Speaker – A few months ago I signed up for an evening 3 hour workshop on social media and how to promote your business. I heard of this lady a long time and seen her work advertised on her social media. It was finally time to meet her and take in something I needed for my website. Again, her picture is all over her social media, books and promotional material. I arrive early, hoping I can connect and yak with her.

I enter the room at the back and instantly see several people at the front visiting. I quickly scan once, twice then 3 times to find her. Wait. Is that her ? Wow, it took my visual recognition serveral “fly bys” to make the match. That MUST be her ? Again, quite a pictoral mismatch. I was taken aback. I know, I know. Image is everything (again ). But I simply want to know who I am going to be listening and talking to, beit younger or older.

#3 – We Aspiring Speakers – Several weeks ago a good friend of mine asked my wife and I if we would mind listening to her presentation she was delivering soon and provide critique and feedback.  I have spoken and presented a bit, but my wife is a complete virgin at it, so she is a good candidate to ensure nothing was “over the top”.

Several run throughs and yes, my wife fed back, saying, that it may not quite deliver as genuine and perhaps with too much body language for the average neophyte non-speaker attendee. She even said the same about me when I have been practising for my speech contests. “You are starting to sound rehearsed and not really yourself. Just be yourself. People want to hear and see YOU . . . .  not some play acting.”

Enough said. With the above 3 examples I reflect on how people in various professions can misrepresent themselves, some intentionally and some without knowing it. Perhaps they are just so busy they never get around to updating their profile pics.

Now when I cycle past a billboard or bus bench with a picture of a realtor, I chuckle, thinking, “I wonder if that is their high school picture?”

When people in professions do so, they can come across as anything but genuine or authentic. I call it outright, “misrepresentation” – perhaps even unethical, especially in their line of work where “image is everything”.

I certainly have nothing against associating or collaborating with an older person (or younger) person – I simply want to know, who I am dealing with, and what they look like . . .  TODAY 😉

Be genuine – Be authentic – Just be yourself


I am a video marketer, videographer, blogger, story teller and always looking for the next story - YOUR story. I coach and write soft skills articles based on my experiences to help you become a better speaker, leader, presenter and influencer. I capture your story in video to best connect with your audience so they become your next client.

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