Are YOU an Innerpreneur – Interview with Tara Joyce

INNERpreneur Explained

Are you an innerpreneur? Do you use or need Strategic Marketing? Can you make use of Creative Communications?

In this show I interview Ms. Tara Joyce, an innerpreneur, strategic marketer, and creative communications consultant. Find her at

Tara provides independent value-driven business owners with strategic marketing and creative communications support and inspiration.

Not only is Tara a coach & strategic marketing guru, but she also writes innovative excerpts on her blog Rise of the Innerpreneur. Her blog format is inviting, inspiring, easy to read & thought provoking.

I came across her website after 2 months of exhaustive reviews of websites. I was planning my branding and design of my website. My goal was to create a collaborative, 2-way, socially interactive website. Did I succeed? I’ll let you be the judge.

Regardless of how good your ideas are, marketing is key! You have to be able to deliver those ideas. The new techniques always make your ideas stand out.

In this interview, Tara tells us what she does and how, in her consulting business, after only 2 years of its launch. She is also available to do presentations.

After finding her blog – Rise of the Innerpreneur and subscribing, I began regular readings and was inspired enough to interview her. I found it applicable to us Toastmasters, as we grow in speaking & leadership skills.

For more detail on INNERpreneurship, you can read my article on Ezinearticles – INNERpreneurship – The Rise of Self Destiny


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