Andrew Brash and Mount Everest Exposed

Andrew Brash speaking about mount everest
Andrew Brash as a Sought After Speaker

Andrew Brash and Mount Everest Combined

Andrew Brash has the most amazing climbing resumes around, not to mention Mount Everest. He has been chasing his climbing dreams for over 20 years in the most impressive mountain environments including Tibet, China, Pakistan, to name a few. Today we focus on Andrew’s heroic climb on Mount Everest to save another fellow climber; Lincoln Hall. What Andrew did require genuine leadership, which everyone will be called upon to use.

Read about the rescue that made worldwide acclaim saving fellow climber Lincoln Hall from Australia in 2006

Andrew talked about that climb at TEDx Calgary – Maybe We’re Dark

Here is an article was written by the CBC on Andrew’s successful summit in May 2008

If he wasn’t well enough known before, then his successful and life-endangering rescue of Australian climber Lincoln Hall only 200 meters from the summit of Mount Everest certainly did.

You can find out more about Everest from Laurie Skreslet on a CBC interview with Peter Mansbridge.

I and all of our District 42 Fall Conference Toastmasters were fortunate to hear his Saturday luncheon presentation, along with his breathtaking pictures from Everest. Andrew was the recipient of our Fall 2010 District 42 Communication and Leadership Award.

Lincoln Hall, part of a Russian climbing team, became plagued with altitude sickness after reaching the summit. His team left him for dead on a precarious knife-edge where he lay, for 12 hours, well within the notorious “death zone” of Everest. That evening Lincoln’s wife and kids were notified via satellite telephone that he had perished.

Andrew’s team, also climbing not far behind, came upon Lincoln, hearing a comedic welcome, “I guess you didn’t expect to find me here”. Andrew and his team sacrificed their summit of Everest, only 200 meters from the top. Instead, they opted to save Lincoln and bring him down. This was no small feat as they were already short of oxygen bottles.

I get a chance to sit down with Andrew at his favorite coffee shop, which coincidentally is named, “Higher Ground” and talk about the intrigue of climbing, solitude, leadership, and what values Andrew is asked to speak about when invited to present at company events.

This podcast post is dedicated in remembrance of Lincoln Hall who passed away at a young 56 from a non-related illness on March 20, 2012, in Sydney, Australia.

Andrew Brash Lincoln Hall mount everest
Adventure Climbers with the Same Passion

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