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Squeezing The Best Out of What You Have to Offer
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Achieve Your Greatness

I recently had a book interview with Vince Aliberti.

Achieve Your Greatness! – Isn’t that a monumental goal of leadership and achievement for many of us in our life’s’ journey? We all should strive to achieve and become achievers. Several weeks ago while attending our Calgary Advanced Toastmasters (CATS) meeting, we had a guest which I quickly connected with. What caught my attention was the book that Vince brought and displayed during his introduction, because it is the most recent book he has published on personal development.

We humans don’t come with a user’s manual, but if we did, it would be similar to Vince’s book. As I began to read it, I quickly connected, as if I was reading about my own life’s experiences when growing up (along with some of the lessons it taught me). Well, it didn’t take me long to finish it, as I wanted to see how many other similarities to my past I could read about. A book like this is good to review every 6 months, to keep your goals on track.

Focus on the simple and easy points first. If you do you will be 80% there. It’s that magic ratio that applies here also. 80% of the target goal only takes 20% of your time and effort. The first 80% is easy and doesn’t take as much time. That is what Vince’s book focuses on. For most of us, that is all we need.

Squeezing The Best Out of What You Have to Offer
Order Your Copy From Amazon by Clicking Here Now

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